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Due to Covid-19 rules events in general  can change quickly. Please check for cancelations before traveling to events and meetings.

A note on exponential growth.

Covid-19 is exponential in it's growth pattern. A pattern in nature where growth starts out small (linear) and reached a "knee" where the growth is explosive until the food source is used up.

Minnesota is close to that "knee" and we have a chance of slowing the problem before it "explodes". 

A good example is Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) found in Rush Lake in 2014 which was expected to have exponential growth and become unable to navigate within 8 years. We are 7 years into that infection and through intense management have less EWM than 2014. 

Working together we can manage invasive's we have done it before by planning.

 Keep safe....

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April Event

This is a free workshop for homeowners to learn about septic systems and wells

(Free well test kits available).

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Family Game Night