Briggs Lake Chain Association Stewardship In Your Backyard 

Taking care of the state’s natural resources, which face increasing pressures  and demands from a growing  population, is a task that requires everyone  to lend a hand at whatever level they can.  One of the best places to begin is right where you live.  Whether it’s a narrow urban lot, a 40-acre woodland, or having a view of a  beautiful lake, your “backyard” is an important part of a larger natural community or ecosystem (MN DNR).  By making the step to  join your Briggs Lake Chain Association or to inform yourself of the  efforts being done in your lake community, property owners can do their  part to assure healthier habitat and cleaner lakes and rivers.  Check out some of the information in our website.

Our natural heritage can continue to reward us in the future if homeowners  like you are willing to work together at improving the health of their  neighborhoods and lake systems.


To join the Briggs Lake Chain Association, just click to download a: Membership Form.  The Annual Membership Donation is only $40.00 and is Tax Deductible. (The BCLA is a 501C3 entity).  We look forward to meeting you and working with you to preserve and improve our natural heritage.


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