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To promote the care, improvement and general welfare of the Briggs Lake Chain and adjoining and connecting waterways.

The Briggs Lake Chain of lakes includes Briggs, Julia, Rush and Big Elk lakes near Clear Lake in Sherburne County, Minnesota.

The Three Lake Lake Improvement District (TLID) is a local government unit for the upper three lakes, and is therefore a more formal organization. Its charge is to manage aquatic invasive species and other projects.

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Ice Day

News Around the Lakes

Curly-leaf treatment took place :

Tuesday 5/23/23

Please – Picture at bottom shows curly-leaf dying 1 week later..No damage to other plants or fish when reviewing treated locations . Signs can be removed (6/6/23)

Aquatic invasive control company for public waters, PLM Corp.

If you’d like to go with the same company for your shoreline, please download these documents:

PLM 2023 Cover Letter-weed sprayingDownload
Blank 2023 PLM MN New Customer Form-FAQDownload

BLCA general meetings are held in June and August
TLID annual meetings are held in August.
Both are held at:
Palmer Town Hall
4180 105th Ave., Clear Lake, MN

For specific dates, please see our Calendar.

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