Gentle Footprints

Shoreland buffer, Lake Julia
Gentle footprints

The Briggs Chain Lakes Association has a long history of promoting improvement of water quality and of supporting conservation efforts. We aim to increase awareness of the benefits of restoring shoreland with natural plants and controlling rainwater runoff to reduce the quantity of pollutants and nutrients in our lake waters.

Gentle Footprints is a grant program that provides a percentage of reimbursement costs to homeowners for eligible shoreland projects, such as restorations, raingardens, rain barrels and water diversions.

Buffer Briggs Lake

Project Guidelines

Shoreland Restorations: 

  • Should be a minimum of 300 square feet in area (larger is fine). 
  • Invasive and non-native plants must be replaced by native species.


  • Should be a minimum of 150 square feet in area (larger is fine). 
  • Plants must be native species and suitable for wet areas.
  • A single project may consist of multiple rain gardens.

French Drains/Rain Barrels: 

  • Should capture all runoff from a 1 inch 24-hour rainfall.
  • Any overflow should be directed away from the lake.
  • A single project may consist of multiple catchments.

Other projects (berms and other water diversions):

  • Should directly reduce run-off to the lake and reduce erosion.
  •  May include rain garden(s).
  • These projects may need detailed site plans and agency approvals.