Briggs Lake

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COLA is the Minnesota Coalition of Lake Associations. The Briggs chain is a member and supporter of COLA.

6/28 Water peaking near Slow-No-Wake (See water stabilization)

 “Slow-No-Wake” is defined by Minnesota Statute and Rule as the minimum speed necessary to operate a watercraft but no more than five (5) miles per hour.

When lake levels remain below 964.2 feet for three (3) consecutive days, restrictions are removed.

5/12/22 AM: Bayou meter level shows close to High water max allowed of 964.2. (See water level charts under TLID header.)

5/14/22 AM : Levels higher than 2019 highest level and still rising. Water at airport still moving great volumes indicating at least 3 more days of rise…water into lakes about the same as going out…

5/15/22 4AM: Rate of rise started to slow indicating we may be near crest! Airport levels only down slightly.

5/16/22: Levels crested overnight – rain could make us start all over.

5/24/22: below high water line last night – Need 3 consecutive days below it to remove no-wake per ordinance 115…estimate Friday.

5/26/22: Curly Leaf treatment planned today before high water ends. Optimized for lowest boat traffic and minimum water volume. (Some areas not treated due to flowing water)

Thursday, May 26, 5 PM 3 DAYS FROM NO WAKE LEVEL

 – CURLY LEAF TREATMENT started about 9AM – 5 PM was day 3 of dropping below no-wake level of 964.2

6/28 – about 2.0 inches from no wake levels at 6 am – appears to be peaking from thursdays rain but more rain may change that.

(1 inch rain adds 1 foot of water to upper lakes per SWM models.)

High Water Alerts Signup

    The Three Lake Improvement District (TLID hereafter) has contracted to treat Curly Leaf Pondweed and Eurasian Water Milfoil, Aquatic Invasive Species in Briggs, Julia and Rush Lakes in 2022. 

    1.  Curly Leaf Pondweed treatment was compleated on  May 26th,

    2. Eurasian Water Milfoil will be evaluated later in summer. – Hopefully there will be none found to treat…

    Three Lake Improvement District

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