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Sepia lake

Remembering the Past, Improving the Futureā€¦ promoting the care, improvement, and general welfare of the Briggs Lake Chain (Julia, Briggs, Rush and Big Elk) and adjoining and connecting watersheds.

On this page we are sharing memories of the past from lake residents. 

The first  BLCA website was created in 2009. I want to give credit to Kenzie Phelps, the editor of the  first “We Remember” page, for doing the interviews and posting the stories from 2010.  When you read the stories you will see a common theme. “The Lake” is more than a place. It may be your year around home, summer place or the weekend away, it is the place where memories are made for you and future generations. We have stories about green algae and the high water problems. In the end seeing a young kid catching his/her first fish is a memory that the kid, parent or grandparent will remember forever.

If you haven’t read these stories, please make the time. You will enjoy it. Many of the contributors are still on the lakes and sad to say some have passed on. Good for us, we still have their memories.

It has been awhile since we updated this page.  It is time to share some new memories.  I encourage you to send me your memories and better yet PLEASE send pictures.  We would love to see the old cabin, or maybe a vintage boat on the lake, kids swimming, sitting around the campfire, fireworks, your boat parade or Christmas side by side float all decorated. We will put your article on this page and include it in an upcoming newsletter.

Brad Kipp, Lake Report newsletter editor
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We remember paddleboarding
Stacey’s granddaughter paddleboarding
Large fish caught in Big Elk
Caught in Big Elk
We remember sunsets
Sunset over Julia
Mornings on Big Elk