Three Lake Improvement District (TLID)



The purpose of the TLID is lake protection, preservation, and rehabilitation on Rush Lake, Briggs Lake and Lake Julia, and the Bayou extending from Briggs Lake, and to provide predictable and sustainable funding for for all related programs and activities.

Lake Improvement Districts allow citizens to address its lakes’ issues and helps provide consistent funding. The three lakes petitioned Sherburne County for its formation and was approved in 2014.


Improve and maintain water quality

Prevent, manage and control aquatic Invasive Species [AIS]

Stabilize water levels on Rush Lake, Briggs Lake and Lake Julia and the Bayou extending from Briggs Lake

This will be accomplished by sustainable and predictable funding, including assessments and various grants, collaboration with TLID partners, and ongoing education and information for TLID members. Regular review and update of Management plan.

Annual general meetings for property owners are held in August, with the date set by member

2023-2024 Directors

Chair: Barb Aaberg
Vice Chair: Stacy Strang
Treasurer: Diane Stangler
Secretary: Nancy Hahne
Todd Lorsung
Bob Sass
Barb Keenan
Doug Solem
Advisor: Scott Ruiter

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