Water Clarity

Testing was done every two weeks, from late spring to early fall, for water clarity, total phosphorus, and chlorophyll-a. The testers were BLCA volunteers, Palmer Township paid for the testing, the BLCA paid for mileage to deliver samples to the lab in Coon Rapids, and Sherburne SWCD analyzed the data for significance and created these charts. This testing and cooperation has been in effect since 2006. Prior to this testing was done on a once a year basis. It was done at various times by various individuals and or agencies making it difficult to confirm water quality trends.When reading these charts, it is important to realize that the closer to the bottom the data is, the better the water quality is in the lakes. For example: The shorter (closer to the bottom) the color bars are the less polluting nutrient there is in the lake. The longer the black diamond tipped line for the secchi disk (the closer to the bottom) indicates how deep into the lake the disc is visible, thus measuring water clarity.